This is our verision of Love Spell by VS

Enchanting Bar Soap

  • Shea Butter Soaps 


    If you would like a Full Loaf which is about 10 bars please email Kerry. UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU ORDER A FULL LOAF OF SOAP IT WILL TAKE 4-6 WEEKS FOR US TO MAKE AND LET IT CURE! It will be uncut full loaf of soap. If you want it cut just let us know.


    ING:   Our Soaps will average about 4 to 4.5 oz, We do Hand Cut Each Bar of Soap!! 


    We are makers of Real Lye Soap!! Our Process takes a full 5-6 Weeks to fully cure! We only use the best quality of raw ingreadents that we can find!

    If you are ordering Full Loaf Soaps Please Remember we make them at time of ordering, So they will take 5-6 weeks to cure! Before we can ship them out

  • All Soaps come in diffrent Colors. Colors are not always shown in Pictures. They will vary. 

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